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The Rebel Thriver Education Fund

“Education is the key that unlocks the golden door to freedom.”
– George Washington Carver

Empowering Women Through Education

1. Fee Waivers for Courses & Coaching

2. Access to Skills & Knowledge

3. Support for Dreams & Aspirations

4. Group and Individual Learning

Join us in breaking down barriers and ensure that every woman in our community has the opportunity to thrive.

You can be a part of their journey towards a brighter future…

Our Mission

At Rebel Thriver, we believe that education is the cornerstone of healing,  empowerment, and growth. The Rebel Thriver Education Fund, is dedicated to providing fee waivers for courses and individual coaching to the resilient women in our community. This initiative is designed to break down any financial barriers and open doors to new opportunities for learning and personal development.

At Rebel Thriver, we believe in the transformative power of education. Our mission is to provide survivors of domestic violence with the resources and support they need to pursue their academic goals and build a brighter future.

We offer scholarships, mentorship programs, and a supportive community to help survivors overcome barriers and achieve their dreams. By investing in their education, we empower them to reclaim their lives and thrive.

Why this Education Fund Matters:


Many women in our community have faced incredible challenges and shown immense strength. Yet, financial constraints often limit their access to education and skill-building opportunities. Our Education Fund is here to change that. By offering fee waivers, we ensure that every woman has the chance to participate in all that we offer in our Village community.

Your donation to the Thriver’s Education Fund will have a direct and lasting impact on the lives of these women. By contributing, you are investing in their potential and helping to create a brighter future for them and their children.


Here’s How Your Support Makes a Difference:


  • Empowerment: Equip women with the interpersonal tools they need so that they can build upon an unshakeable personal foundation. This is the first step in healing to ensure that they can have a successful life, and one day, even become leaders in their communities.


  • Healing: Healing becomes exponentially more effective when we understand the root of what we are trying to heal. Trauma often manifests through a mind-body connection that is crucial to recognize. By learning how trauma responses affect our bodies and contribute to a dysregulated nervous system, we can take steps not only to manage these responses but also to find peace within ourselves.


  • Generational Change: Education can help break the cycle of intergenerational trauma and hardship, creating a positive ripple effect for their children and future generations.


What Women Are Saying:

“Bloom is so much more than just a coaching program; it’s a support group. Through Bloom, I’ve connected with incredible women who inspire and uplift me every day. The tools and techniques shared have helped me break free from self-limiting beliefs and step into my authenticity. I highly recommend Bloom to anyone looking to embark on a journey of self-discovery & personal growth.” – Marnie

“Bloom is a sanctuary for survivors of domestic violence and abuse. It’s a beautiful group where you can find solace, support, and sisterhood. Through this process, I’ve learned to prioritize self-care, set healthy boundaries, and I’ve embraced my self-worth. This guidance has been pivotal in my healing journey. I highly recommend Bloom to anyone who’s ready to reclaim their power and rewrite their story.” – Amanda


“Joining Wildflowers led me on a literal journey that allowed me to finally confront and heal my many layered and deep inner child wounds. The compassionate guidance I received gently helped me to navigate through past memories and reclaim my sense of wholeness. It’s been a life-changing experience for me.” – Rachel S


“I thought I knew everything there is to know about domestic violence through my own lived experience, but this foundational course has taught me so much. It helped me to understand what I lived through so that I can begin my journey of healing.”  – Sophie


Together, we can break down barriers and ensure every woman in our community has the opportunity to thrive. Donate today and become a part of their journey towards building a brighter future for themselves, and their children.

Your generosity is the key to unlocking their potential and transforming lives.

Every dollar counts and brings us one step closer to our goal. Thank you for your support and commitment to making a difference for the women in our community.


Join us on our mission to create a world where every survivor has the opportunity to succeed.

Together, we can make a difference, one life at a time!

Join the Movement for Change

Your support can make a world of difference. Whether you choose to donate, volunteer, or spread the word, every action counts. Together,
we can continue to empower survivors and provide them with the
resources they need to thrive.

Rebel Thriver is a 501(c)3 Organiztion
Donations are tax deductible.