You Are Not Alone

Fundraising Campaign 2020

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire, and empower survivors of domestic violence. 
We are dedicated to cultivating hope & helping reclaim their lives after trauma.  Rebel Thriver exists to inspire, educate, mentor, advocate, and offer support for survivors so they can create healthy and abundant lives full of hope for a better tomorrow.

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You Are Not Alone is our 2020 Fundraising Campaign.  As a non-profit, we depend on your support. Your donations coupled with the proceeds from all sales from our store go directly back into the development of sustainable programs to benefit our community. This includes workshops, retreats, mentoring, advocay, and education. As the world continues to be affected by Covid19 we will be adapting to bring our programs to you virtually.

‘You are not alone’ is a phrase that we use over and over again with all of you because we really mean it. We want you to know that know matter what you may be going through you are not alone. We see you, and you matter so very much.

We Care. We Understand. We are Making a Difference.

What Exactly is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is a pattern of behaviors used by one partner to maintain power and control over another partner in an intimate relationship. It does not discriminate; anyone of any race, age, sexual orientation, religion or gender can be a victim of domestic violence. It affects people of all socioeconomic backgrounds & education levels. It is a cycle of violence that if not interrupted and broken will become generational. 

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Every purchase that you make will  continue the conversation about domestic violence and help to shine a light on our organization. There are more items available for purchase in our SHOP. Rebel Thriver is a non-profit organization and 100% of all proceeds go directly back into our programs. Your help is so greatly appreciated because we cannot do this alone.

We Care. We Understand. We are Making a Difference.

Our Four Pillars for Progress


It is our goal to advocate for survivors of DV whenever the opportunity opens up. We help survivors connect to necessary help in their geographical area and we support legislation that benefits survivors. Right now we are working to help get the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) signed back into Law. This is imperative for all survivors.


Leading by example is one of the pillars of our existence. We believe that survivors who have found their voice and have progressed on their healing journey are the best role models for other victims and survivors of DV. Knowing that others have gotten out and reclaimed their lives is proof positive that if someone else can do it then so can they. It is a powerful example of HOPE that is essential.


Community is at the heart of Rebel Thriver. We are an active community with large followings on both Instagram and Facebook. We have a private group for the entire organization to dive deeper into conversations, and a private group for women survivors. In addition, we have a Book Club, and a page geared to Parents and children called, Rebel Thriver Jr.



In order to begin to smash the cultural stigma that surrounds DV we must educate people. We aim to educate the general public about what DV is and how it may appear in their lives. We also work tirelessly to help the survivor learn about their experience and give them the much needed tools to help them reconnect with themselves so that they can reclaim their lives and learn to thrive. 

“Survival mode is supposed to be a phase that helps to save your life.
It is not how you are meant to live.”    
– Michele Rosenthal

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